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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy smiling seven-year-olds: The twin sisters who can now live separate lives despite being born conjoined at the spine


Playtime in the park: Signe and Mille have no health problems after they were separated aged three months

They play side by side, walk hand in hand to school and love dressing-up games – the picture of happiness at seven years old. Yet these twin girls were born conjoined – bonded at the spine with a question-mark over whether they could survive.
Thanks to British medical expertise, Mille and Signe (pronounced Milla and Seena) have gone from strength to strength after surgery to separate them at the age of three months.
From the moment they worked out how to stand at the age of 11 months, every step has been a landmark, every year a milestone. ‘We’re special,’ says Mille, without further elaboration.

Joined at the spine: The twins just a few months old before they were separated

Long before they were born at the end of January 2005, doctors had identified that the girls were joined back-to-back in the womb, fused at the base of the spine.
The Mail told at the time how their father Simon Stephenson and his Danish fiancée Yane Christensen had to make the agonising decision either to terminate the pregnancy before 24 weeks, or risk giving birth to twins who might need lifetime care if they survived.
Later Yane was diagnosed with a life-threatening liver disorder that could have killed the babies in her womb. But the couple from north-west London placed their trust in the confidence of doctors who were convinced they could separate the girls without causing permanent disability.

Fairy princesses: Signe and Mille dressed as fairies aged three

For the first weeks after their caesarean birth, Mille and Signe shared everything, even a nappy. When one cried, both got a cuddle. When one slept, both had to lie in a single cot.
Yane fed both together on her lap. Then, after an eight-hour operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital – only the second of its kind to be performed in this country – the new parents were able to hold one twin each.

Always together: The sisters at the age of four

‘We found ourselves sitting as far apart as we could,’ Simon told me. ‘I’m sure it was a subconscious way of showing off to ourselves that we could do that.’
Doctors told the parents immediately after the operation it had been ‘completely successful’. Since then they have found nothing to suggest any long-term difficulties.

Scary: Twins Signe and Mille Stephenson enjoy Halloween together aged six

Holiday: Signe and Mille enjoy a trip to the seaside with parents Simon and Yane

As soon as her daughters were able to understand, Yane revealed to them how they had started life together.
‘I just told them the whole story,’ she said. ‘Fortunately for us it was a happy story. We know other parents are not so lucky.’

Bath time: Mille and Signe get ready for bath time aged just one

source: dailymail

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